38 LinkedIn Statistics Marketers Should Know in 2021

LinkedIn statistics see a minute bit utterly different than they manufacture for some of the utterly different social networks. It’s no longer the most animated social community, or the one with the most animated reach. One of the famous crucial numbers are smaller. At the beginning judge about, they could no longer seem as spectacular for marketers having a judge about to originate a mountainous impact.

Nonetheless the 38 LinkedIn stats below demonstrate that notion ugly. They demonstrate that this alternate-oriented community is truly a must for marketers of every and every B2B and B2C products and providers.

Whenever you happen to impress the concepts each and every LinkedIn members and utterly different brands employ this community, you carry out insights into concepts to higher incorporate LinkedIn into your social marketing notion for 2021.

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Total LinkedIn statistics

1. LinkedIn turns 18 years mature in 2021

The community officially launched on Can even 5, 2003: 9 months ahead of Facebook launched at Harvard. LinkedIn is the oldest of the most valuable social networks soundless in employ as of late.

2. LinkedIn has 33 workplaces and 15,800 employees

These workplaces can be found in better than 30 cities worldwide, including 9 within the US.

3. LinkedIn is on hand in 24 languages

This allows many world users to access the community of their native language.

4. Distant jobs on LinkedIn elevated 2.5x from March to October 2020

And 15% of all job capabilities within the U.S. went to a long way-off jobs in November 2020. These LinkedIn stats acquire how the system we work modified in 2020.

With extra alternate decision makers and doable original hires working from home, on-line connections bear change into increasingly extra famous for alternate this Twelve months.

5. LinkedIn is the most relied on social community within the U.S.

73% of social media users at least barely agree that LinkedIn protects their privacy and knowledge. Overview that to factual 53% for Facebook.

LinkedIn person stats

6. LinkedIn has 722 million members

To position that number in context, Instagram for the time being has 1 billion users, and Facebook has 2.74 billion. It’s no longer the most animated of the social networks, but with a explicit alternate focal point, it’s an viewers price noticing.

7. 57% of LinkedIn users are males, and 43% are females

Men tremendously outnumber females on LinkedIn overall, but you’ll favor to manufacture a minute bit compare to impress the makeup of your explicit LinkedIn viewers.

Stamp that LinkedIn would now not picture any genders utterly different than male or female.

8. 76% of LinkedIn’s users are exterior the U.S.

Whereas the U.S. is LinkedIn’s most animated market at 174M users, the community has obtained traction around the arena.

LinkedIn’s members stay in better than 200 worldwide locations. This contains 163 million users in Europe (including the UK), 196 million in Asia Pacific and 107 million in Latin The US.

LinkedIn global membership numbers by country

Source: LinkedIn

9. 27.1% of all Net users in Canada employ LinkedIn every month

And 44% of all Net users in Canada bear an yarn on this social platform. That’s lower than Facebook (83%) and Instagram (51%), but higher than Twitter (42%) and Pinterest (40%).

Internet users in Canada who have an account on select social media platforms

Source: eMarketer

LinkedIn studies an complete of 17 million users in Canada.

10. 59.9% of LinkedIn’s users are between 25 and 34 years mature

It’s no longer a shock that better than half of of LinkedIn users are within the age neighborhood that is starting and lengthening their careers. It’s a noble community, finally.

Profile of LinkedIn's advertising audience

Source: Hootsuite & We Are Social

It’s a long way a extraordinarily famous neighborhood for brands: 41% of older millennials—venerable 26 to 35—bear decision-making responsibilities.

11. 40% of LinkedIn users alternate their job, firm, or alternate every 4 years

The doable marketplace for your product is continuously transferring. Advert focused on is completely, but focused on your commercials too narrowly system you chase over out on doable future decision makers.

12. Invoice Gates penned 50% of the 10 most horny LinkedIn articles in November 2020

Truly, Gates in total looks within the checklist of most horny articles shared month-to-month within the LinkedIn Water Cooler Series. Certain, he advantages from name recognition. Nonetheless he’s also identified for tapping into the components folks care about honest now.

Why will bear to soundless marketers care about Invoice Gates’ success on LinkedIn? It’s a honest different to model success. Lift a judge about at some of his squawk material to study up on what that it’s doubtless you’ll be taught from his system.

LinkedIn usage stats

13. 40 million folks employ LinkedIn to look jobs a week

If your firm is hiring, your LinkedIn Net page in total is a key source of doable original employees.

When hiring managers can’t conceal doable original hires in person, tools like LinkedIn are even extra famous. And 81% of expertise experts mutter that digital recruiting will proceed when the pandemic is over.

14. 3 folks are employed through LinkedIn every minute

If that final LinkedIn stat didn’t persuade you it’s price having a actual presence on this community, this one will bear to soundless. Any firm planning to hire original employees in 2021 wants a polished LinkedIn Net page.

15. LinkedIn saw a 55% delay in conversations amongst connections in 2020

That’s a Twelve months-over-Twelve months calculation for Q1 of the 2021 fiscal Twelve months. With connections unable to meet in person, they’re messaging every utterly different better than ever on this alternate social community.

16. Convey advent on LinkedIn elevated 60% in 2020

Companies and particular person LinkedIn members bear ramped up their LinkedIn squawk material to care for in touch with noble contacts and colleagues in this unprecedented Twelve months.

(Phew, we made it the total technique to stat 16 ahead of announcing “unprecedented.”)

17. LinkedIn Are residing streams elevated by 437% in 2020

That’s a Twelve months-over-Twelve months calculation for October 2020.

LinkedIn Are residing launched in February 2019 but definitely took off throughout this Twelve months of finding alternate concepts to join. The different of LinkedIn Are residing streams elevated 89% from March to June alone.

18. 57% of LinkedIn’s visitors is mobile

This share hasn’t modified since 2018, so include it with a grain of salt.

Nonetheless, it makes sense that LinkedIn’s person noxious could be extra doubtless to make employ of the community from a pc, since they’ll be having a judge about throughout working hours, or for work capabilities.


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19. LinkedIn has 15x extra squawk material impressions than job postings

Nine billion squawk material impressions, to be true.

LinkedIn has transitioned from being “factual” a recruitment platform to being a noble community the put folks educate and repeat themselves and uncover about utterly different companies of their alternate.

20. 30% of a firm’s engagement on LinkedIn comes from employees

This makes heaps of sense: your firm’s employees are the folk who care most about seeing your brand succeed.

Boosting brand recognition by employee advocacy is a a hit approach for companies that carry out a complete program.

21. Workers are 14x extra doubtless to piece squawk material from their employers than differing forms of squawk material on LinkedIn

This reinforces the LinkedIn stat above. Your employees are a extraordinarily famous phase of your LinkedIn marketing approach.

Whenever you’re no longer definite the put to originate on employee advocacy, verify out Hootsuite Make better.

22. LinkedIn posts with pictures acquire 2x higher engagement

Increased pictures manufacture even higher, with 38% higher click-through charges than utterly different pictures. LinkedIn recommends 1200 x 627 pixels.

Not definite what forms of pictures to submit with your LinkedIn updates? Test out these free stock photograph web sites.

23. LinkedIn users are 20x extra doubtless to re-piece a video submit

Video is the most re-shared carry out of squawk material on LinkedIn. Whenever you’ll need utterly different LinkedIn members to lend a hand unfold your message for you, video is the technique to cross.

LinkedIn selling statistics

24. An advert on LinkedIn can reach 13% of the arena’s inhabitants

That’s, 13% of parents over the age of thirteen. Whereas this isn’t the obliging reach amongst social networks, LinkedIn has the generous thing a number of self-selected person-noxious that cares about their work.

25. LinkedIn’s advert reach grew by 25 million folks in Q4 2020

That’s a 3.5% delay from Q3.

26. LinkedIn commercials offer better than 200 focused on characteristics

From job trip to training to company alternate and size to interests, there are a variety of concepts to be definite that your advert suits the honest viewers.

27. Advert publicity on LinkedIn can delay acquire intent by 33%

As we stated earlier, LinkedIn is rarely any longer factual about recruiting anymore. Commercials can enhance acquire intent, leading to extra sales down the freeway.

LinkedIn alternate statistics

28. 4 out of 5 folks on LinkedIn “power alternate decisions”

The platform’s chief selling point for marketers is its ability to aim an viewers by their job, no longer factual their demographics.

This allows B2B marketers in explicit to reach the folk who originate the making an strive for decisions.

29. There are 61 million “senior-stage influencers” on LinkedIn

These are no longer influencers within the sense of influencer marketing. As an different, they are high decision makers or decision impactors within organizations.

30. 55 million companies are on LinkedIn

It’s no shock, as this community enables brands to reach each and every customers and B2B potentialities, as successfully as original hires.

31. LinkedIn has better than 10,000 B2B instrument Product Pages

Product Pages are a brand original LinkedIn feature for 2020. Exercise them to focus on explicit products with ratings and experiences, generate leads, and incorporate custom call-to-wander buttons.

32. 96% of B2B squawk material marketers employ LinkedIn for natural social marketing

This makes LinkedIn the tip community for B2B squawk material marketers, followed by Twitter and Facebook (82% every).

This is rarely any longer ravishing, provided that LinkedIn affords a context wherein folks quiz and watch out alternate-related squawk material.

Organic social media platforms B2B marketers used in past 12 months

Source: Convey Marketing Institute

33. 80% of B2B squawk material marketers employ LinkedIn commercials

It’s no longer a shock that the tip natural social community for B2B marketers often is the tip paid social community. Facebook is accessible in next at 67%, followed by Twitter at 27%.

Whenever you’re original to the employ of paid facets on LinkedIn, we’ve obtained an complete files to LinkedIn commercials to acquire you started.

34. 33% of B2B decision makers employ LinkedIn to have a examine purchases

LinkedIn ranks within the wait on of Facebook and Instagram for B2B acquire compare, but ahead of Twitter and Pinterest.

Nonetheless take into accout from the LinkedIn stats above that LinkedIn reaches some of the tip decision makers out there, so of us that manufacture employ it for acquire compare record a extraordinarily priceless viewers.

35. Brands acquire 7x extra reactions and 24x extra comments on LinkedIn Are residing streams than regular video

We already saw that LinkedIn video posts acquire extra engagement than regular posts. Nonetheless Are residing video takes things up an additional notch, with impressively excessive engagement stages, in particular for comments.

That high comment payment reveals folks are engaged throughout the stay video circulate and waiting to bear interaction with the participants.

36. Companies that submit weekly on LinkedIn judge a number of 2x higher engagement payment

Don’t judge that it’s doubtless you’ll factual let your LinkedIn Company Net page take a seat there sluggish. Or no longer it’s famous to veritably piece updates if you happen to desire to care for up a excessive engagement payment on LinkedIn. The honest files is you most productive favor to submit as soon as a week to end that higher engagement stage.

Our compare reveals that the most productive day to submit on LinkedIn is Wednesday for B2B brands, or Monday and Wednesday for B2C brands.

37. Companies with a complete, active LinkedIn Net page judge about 5x extra web page views

They also acquire 7x extra impressions per follower and 11x extra clicks per follower. Love the LinkedIn firm web page statistic above, this reveals the price of conserving your LinkedIn web page up-to-date and active.

38. More than half of of U.S. marketers will employ LinkedIn in 2021

This is the most valuable Twelve months that LinkedIn will chase the 50% milestone, in step with eMarketer estimates.

Share of U.S. marketers using LinkedIn (2017-2021)

Source: eMarketer

Stamp that this namely excludes companies the employ of LinkedIn factual for recruiting capabilities. This represents marketing efforts on LinkedIn. Whenever you’re no longer marketing on this community, you’ll be within the minority by the tip of this Twelve months.

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