47 Facebook Stats That Matter to Marketers in 2021

Fb is largely the most tantalizing of the total social networks, by far, in step with appropriate about every measure. In this publish, we lay out 47 recent Fb statistics—up as much as now for 2021—that repeat this gigantic platform is level-headed a must for entrepreneurs in nearly every sphere.

Let’s detect the Fb stats that can topic to entrepreneurs this year.

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Total Fb stats

1. Fb has 2.74 billion monthly active users

That’s an lengthen of 12% year-over-year from September 2019.

If there’s one stat that proves the importance of incorporating Fb into your advertising and marketing and marketing approach, right here’s it. There’s merely no diverse platform that supplies this roughly reach.

2. Fb reaches 59% of the sector’s social networking inhabitants

It’s the single social platform to reach more than half of all social media users.

3. Fb is the sector’s third-most visited web put

It’s outranked only by Google and YouTube. When of us utilize time on-line, there’s an ethical likelihood they’re spending it on Fb.

4. Fb is the 2d-most downloaded app

And Fb Messenger is number 7. Most tantalizing TikTok beats Fb for downloads.

All all over again, this ability how prevalent Fb is in our day-to-day lives, whether on the bring collectively or on our phones.

5. Fb turns 17 years mature in 2021

Label Zuckerberg launched the first version of “The Fb” on February 4, 2004. Most high-schoolers fill by no methodology acknowledged a global with out Fb.

There’s absolute self perception that in these 17 years, Fb has firmly established itself because the put we bring collectively our news, be taught about fresh products, and say with buddies, family, and corporations, as you’ll glimpse in the Fb statistics below.

6. 63% of Fb workers are males

The firm has been working on rising selection in its crew, and the percentage of male workers is trending down from 69% in 2014. But males level-headed originate up the majority of workers at Fb, and they fill a whopping 75.9% of technical roles.

Fb user statistics

7. 57% of Fb’s viewers is male

And 43% is female. (Fb limits its gender reporting to female and male.) For comparability, Instagram is type of equally reduce up between males and females.

8. 32.4% of Fb’s viewers is historical 25-34

That’s essentially the most tantalizing viewers section by age. The next finest crew is historical 18-24, representing 23.5% of Fb’s viewers. Most tantalizing 4.7% of Fb’s viewers is 65 or older, and only 5.8% is 17 or below.

9. 95% of the U.S. inhabitants over age 12 is privy to Fb

Who’re the 5% who fill by no methodology heard of the social media behemoth? Ideal quiz.

10. 63% of the U.S. inhabitants over age 12 uses Fb

Whereas with reference to all Individuals be taught about Fb, about two-thirds of the inhabitants if truth be told uses it.

That’s down from a high of 67% in 2017, however up from 61% last year.

Facebook usage total U.S. population over 12

Supply: Edison Be taught

Whereas that’s the final opt, the percentage of American adults the exhaust of Fb varies by age fluctuate:

  • 64% of 12- to 34-years olds
  • 74% of 35- to 54-year-olds
  • 52% of these 55 and over

11. Most tantalizing 8.9% of Fb’s viewers is in the U.S.

Yes, we appropriate knowledgeable you the majority of Individuals exhaust Fb: the community reaches 190,000,000 users in the US.

But compare that to 310,000,000 users in India. The overwhelming majority of Fb’s viewers lives outdoor of the US.

12. The fastest increasing bring collectively 22 situation for Fb is the Middle East and Africa (13.6%)

That’s adopted by Asia at 10.7%. Fb is moreover level-headed increasing in Europe and North The United States, and noticed 8.7% development globally in 2020.

Nonetheless, Fb is forever dropping users in Germany, Japan, Switzerland, and South Korea.

13. 83% of Canadians fill a Fb memoir

That’s the high social platform by far in Canada. By comparability, 51% fill an Instagram memoir.

14. 53% of U.S. Fb users have confidence the platform to provide protection to their files and privacy

That methodology 47% don’t. And of the 53% who plot have confidence Fb, 23% only plot so “somewhat.” That’s the lowest have confidence stage among social networks.

Cultivating a long-period of time relationship along with your Fb connections can aid overcome their misgivings regarding the community. Be sure they realize the advantages of following you.

For more Fb user statistics, test up on our publish on Fb demographics all entrepreneurs fill to know.

Fb utilization statistics

15. Fb users utilize 34 minutes per day the exhaust of the platform

eMarketer had predicted a plunge in time spent on Fb in 2020, however the pandemic changed that. What are Fb users doing at some level of these 34 minutes? Be taught on.

16. 79.9% of Fb users only bring collectively correct of entry to the platform on a cell system

That methodology they by no methodology bring collectively correct of entry to Fb on a laptop.

By comparability, merely one.7% of Fb users only bring collectively correct of entry to the platform on a laptop. And 18.5% of users bring collectively correct of entry to Fb from each and each a cell system and a laptop.

When planning your Fb advert placement, put in suggestions which devices your specific viewers is presumably to make exhaust of.

17. 80.5% of cell Fb users bring collectively correct of entry to the app on Android

Most tantalizing 14.3% exhaust iOS. That is probably going related to the minute percentage of Fb users who’re dwelling in the US.

18. 36% of of us bring collectively news from Fb

That’s essentially the most tantalizing proportion among social networks. There’s the predominant discussion happening about Fb’s impact as a source of reports, and it’s one all corporations will fill to preserve tabs on.

But for entrepreneurs, it’s moreover rate excited about what this Fb stat says regarding the community’s fee as a platform on which to scream fresh product launches, campaigns, or collaborations. If there’s a newsworthy perspective to one thing you’re working on, guarantee your Fb followers be taught about it.

Reuters Digital Report proportion that used social network for news content

Supply: Reuters Institute Digital Lisp 2020

19. 45% of fresh-music seekers historical 35-54 test fresh music on Fb

That is the single age crew that lists Fb as a high-3 source for fresh music discovery. For musicians catering to Generation X, Fb is a key diagram to connect with doable fresh fans.

20. Essentially the most discussed moment on Fb in 2020 used to be the loss of life of Kobe Bryant

Fb users in the U.S., Mexico, and the Philippines contributed essentially the most posts regarding the leisurely basketball well-known person.

21. 500 million of us exhaust Fb Tales on a regular basis

Creating voice material for Fb Tales is diverse from creating voice material for the Details Feed. The tempo is faster, the aspect ratio is diverse, and likewise you’ve obtained much less textual voice material to work with. But Tales fill the strategic serve of exhibiting at the high of the show conceal.


Salvage the total Digital 2020 file to be taught where to focal level your social advertising and marketing and marketing efforts and better design your viewers. The entire gaze moreover entails easier-to-realize files visualizations and shareable graphics.

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For entrepreneurs combating the Fb algorithm, this may possibly possibly well per chance be a really easy diagram to guarantee your voice material is seen.

22. Fb users “love” about 8% of lawmakers’ posts, and specific “infuriate” at 6% of them

These are essentially the most popular responses to lawmakers’ Fb posts diverse than the generic “Cherish.”

For entrepreneurs, this serves as an ethical reminder to gaze the forms of reactions your posts encourage. Cherish is huge. Nettle may possibly possibly well imply you will fill to alter your ability.

total number of angry and love reactions to lawmakers' Facebook posts

Supply: Pew Be taught Centre

23. 1.3 billion of us exhaust Fb Messenger

That’s 23% of the sector inhabitants over the age of 13.

And they’re the exhaust of Messenger to say with producers. There are 10 billion messages sent between of us and corporations on Messenger every month.

24. 1.8 billion of us exhaust Fb Groups

And there are tens of thousands and thousands of groups on Fb.

Corporations and producers can plot Fb Groups of their very fill to work along with present fans, or detect ways to connect with doable customers thru present public groups.

25. Local Fb Group membership grew 3.3x this spring

That number is the development from February to May well per chance even, 2020.

As of us realized themselves sticking much closer to dwelling, they prone Fb Groups to connect with their native communities.

26. The finest Fb Group in the U.S. is The Blackout Coalition

With 1.8 million contributors, this crew helps enhance Shaded-owned corporations.

Bigger than 3.5 million of us in the U.S. joined fresh Fb Groups to spice up Shaded-owned corporations this spring.

27. Fb Dating has created more than 1.5 billion matches

Fb’s decide-in dating allotment launched in September 2019 and honest now not too long ago expanded into Europe.

28. An average Fb user likes 12 posts per thirty days

That’s one nearly every diverse day. The average user moreover makes 5 feedback and shares one publish every month.

Posting compelling voice material that encourages engagement will aid be certain you bring collectively your portion of these likes, feedback, and shares.

29. 96.3% of Fb users exhaust a minimal of 1 diverse social media platform

90% of them exhaust YouTube, 73% exhaust Instagram, and 52% exhaust Twitter.

Include shut into memoir that you will also reach your viewers at some level of more than one platforms with remarketing. Inserting in the Fb Pixel is a massive put to inaugurate.

30. 54% of American social media users speak Fb is the platform they exhaust most most continuously

Yes, they’re the exhaust of diverse social networks, as we appropriate confirmed you. But Fb is the one most of us exhaust most most continuously. Most tantalizing 16% speak they exhaust Instagram most most continuously, and 5% title Twitter as their most-prone social media put.

Fb trade statistics

31. 42% of corporations on Fb are based in the suburbs

By comparability, 33% are urban corporations, and 25% are based in rural areas.

32. 48.5% of B2B decision makers exhaust Fb for compare

That makes it the high mature social community for B2B compare, with only YouTube coming in elevated at 50.9%. Don’t neglect Fb when advertising and marketing and marketing to a trade viewers.

33. 18.3% of U.S. adults made a grab thru Fb in the last year

Review that to 11.1% for Instagram and a pair of.9% for Pinterest.

eMarketer graph of US adults who made purchases via social media platforms

Supply: eMarketer

34. Fb clicks on searches for native trade elevated 23% from February to May well per chance even, 2020

As the #SupportLocal pattern took grab this year, of us shifted their focal level to native corporations and products.

35. ⅔ of Fb users search recommendation from a local trade Net page a minimal of once every week

It’s now not appropriate the huge producers succeeding with Fb advertising and marketing and marketing. (Despite the indisputable truth that they’re undoubtedly the exhaust of Fb, too.)

Local corporations can exhaust Fb to plot lasting connections with repeat customers within their very fill communities.

36. Fb removed 3,716,817 pieces of voice material in one half year for copyright and trademark infringement and counterfeit reports

Social listening will allow you to test in case your fill voice material or products are being misused or misrepresented on Fb. Need to you test a matter, reach out to Fb for aid having the voice material removed.

Fb advert statistics

37. Fb has an promoting viewers of two.14 billion

That’s the choice of of us Fb reports will most doubtless be reached with adverts on its platform. It’s an lengthen of two.2% (or 45 million users) since Q3 2020.

38. 47% of Fb’s advert income comes from the U.S. and Canada

In step with “estimation of the geographic map of our users when they compose a income-producing assignment.”

But remember: The overwhelming majority of Fb users are dwelling outdoor the U.S. Need to you sell a product that may possibly possibly well ship internationally, or a digital product or service for which geography is now not a component, there’s huge untapped doable right here so that you can reach advert markets with out diverse competitors.

39. The average stamp for an advert diminished 9% in Q3 2020

That is ethical news for advertisers, because it methodology you bring collectively (reasonably) more bang to your buck.

40. An average Fb user clicks on 12 adverts per thirty days

That’s one every 2.5 days. It will most likely well per chance also now not seem admire a colossal number, however remember the truth that now not all adverts require a click to be fine.

Most importantly, this Fb stat shows that users proceed to listen to and grab with Fb adverts, rather then tuning them out.

Ladies click on more adverts (15 per thirty days) than males plot (10).

41. In the Philippines and Libya, Fb adverts can reach 100% of the inhabitants over age 13

Yes, all people. That stage of reach actually can’t be beat.

Fb adverts can reach 98% of the inhabitants in Malta, Samoa, and Aruba, and 97% in Mongolia, Ecuador, and Peru.

Fb publishing statistics

42. The average Fb Net page shares 1.55 posts per day

Of these posts, 55.6% are photos, 22.2% are videos, 18.5% are hyperlinks, and appropriate 3.6% are straight bring collectively 22 situation updates.

Wish to originate essentially the most of your 1.55 posts per day? Test out our blog publish on the suitable times to publish on Fb.

43. The average engagement price for Fb posts is 0.18%

Exhaust this to benchmark your fill engagement price. Need to you’re now not there but, test up on our list of ways to lengthen Fb engagement.

44. Pages with fewer than 10,000 fans glimpse 0.52% engagement

That’s a much elevated number than the Fb stat above. That’s on memoir of engagement declines as a Net page’s viewers grows.

Pages with more than 100,000 fans glimpse only 0.10% engagement.

Fb video statistics

45. The average engagement price for Fb video posts is 0.26%

Needless to speak the favored engagement price general is appropriate 0.18%. That’s solid motivation to include video voice material on your advertising and marketing and marketing approach.

46. Fb Are dwelling viewership elevated by 50% this spring

Fb attributes the leap to of us attempting to support are dwelling events admire health classes, or connect with of us they are able to no longer enhance in person, admire their favourite artists.

The week of the Easter and Passover holidays used to be essentially the most stylish week ever for Fb Lives from religious Pages.

47. Bigger than 1.25 billion of us search recommendation from Fb Look every month

If your Net page has more than 5,000 followers, are attempting creating voice material for this video-specific tab within Fb.

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