Influencer Marketing, eCommerce and Social Media: A Case Study on Hawkers Led by Alejandro Betancourt

Hawkers, a company that produces shades fitted with polarized lenses which would maybe maybe well be styled to provoke, started in December 2013. In precisely two years, the corporate started to top the “finest-of” lists. It’s shapely to dispute that the corporate disrupted the vogue shades industry. From correct a couple of hundred preliminary gross sales, Alejandro Betancourt grew the corporate into a mega-selling store that, by 2016, moved 10,000 devices per day and raked in over $70 million. To function so, Hawkers revolutionized the alternative of e-commerce and online selling, nonetheless they didn’t practice the standardized guidelines. Of the $70 million in gross sales made in 2016, virtually $65 million came from social media. Here’s how they did it.

Influencer Marketing 

In everyday speech, “influencer marketing and marketing and marketing” is is named a paid endorsement, nonetheless Hawkers and Alejandro Betancourt didn’t launch with celebrities, as is the linked outdated practice. They thinking about client communities and started to space their products with influential social media stars in change for sharing pictures of these influencers, no longer entirely on the corporate’s social media platforms, nonetheless moreover on each particular person influencer’s platform. Hawkers gave incentives, free merchandise and paid the influencer a percentage of every sale they helped function. Also, they allowed the influencer to provide reductions. Those actions enabled the corporate to function the most of every influencer’s social device and social circles to promote their products.

Moreover, Alejandro Betancourt and his group focused influencer marketing and marketing and marketing on college campuses, where they utilized phrase-of-mouth marketing and marketing and marketing combined with social influencing. The Hawkers procuring community used to be mostly organic. With the aid of phrase-of-mouth marketing and marketing and marketing and social leveraging, the corporate introduced members to their procuring community from better than 140 international locations worldwide.

Nowadays, Hawkers sells 90% of their products online. Their ability to disrupt the shades industry is past incredible. The company went from four company working collectively to promote one product to including even extra products and a form of workers. How they completed that is easy. They gather been a original company that wanted social influencers, nonetheless they didn’t gather the finances to e book an A-lister. As a substitute, they looked at the arena around them, at the arena of social media and its non-huge title influencers.

Hawkers launched a Campus Ambassador Program that extinct influencers from social media circles. In Spain, they found 5,000 label ambassadors on college campuses at some level of the country to wait on drive gross sales. They capitalized on the social reach of comparatively heaps of faculty students from at some level of the college spectrum, including huge title athletes, college students with a total bunch company, and the everyday college child. Every pupil posed on their social media profile wearing Hawkers shades and dwelling the daily life of the label.

Since each pupil had his or her like circle of company, phrase concerning the label started to grow. The college students went to festivals, concert events, and diversified events, and their selfies showcased Hawkers shades in some chilly venues. Folk noticed, and Hawkers gross sales accelerated. Every pupil’s circle of impact hit the social media world, and from there, they helped catapult Hawkers into turning into a multimillion-greenback company. That is the energy of social media and it paid off for Hawkers.

By the energy of social media, Hawkers constructed a procuring community. Later, they turned to social media adverts to additional their reach and lengthen gross sales.

Scaling to World Gross sales

From their easy, accepted designs that featured high-quality and vogue, Hawkers went from selling a couple of hundred pairs of glasses everyday to taking orders for better than 10,000 pairs of shades each day. Their employee checklist went from five to 65, and they also struggled to meet ask. Their success used to be a made of organic phrase-of-mouth and an affiliate program that empowered their influencers’ personalities to shine and function money. Using promo codes used to be fundamental, and that tool empowered their influencers to provide aid to their social circles through reductions on Hawkers products.

On myth of Betancourt and the group wanted to tackle the crazy increases in ask, they turned to Shopify Plus to provide the corporate the skills they wanted to near. As the corporate grew, Shopify Plus effectively handled that sigh. It used to be a seamless sigh that supplied Hawkers with the instruments they wanted.

The finest reward that Shopify supplied used to be the flexibility for the group to level of interest on what they did finest: marketing and marketing and marketing and gross sales. Shopify handled the tech, so the group didn’t gather to reinvent it. Shopify supplied instruments love custom integration and API, which empowered Hawkers to tackle their procuring community in exact time. That stage of buyer carrier helped drive gross sales. Offering fundamental aspects about orders at each juncture no longer entirely is functional for the client’s slump, nonetheless it absolutely moreover allows the corporate to dwell fervent with prospects who would maybe maybe even honest rob extra products. Shopify Plus supplied that command-command.

The Lesson Learned

Nowadays, Hawkers is on Spain’s top 10 checklist for startups, does commercial in 50+ international locations worldwide, and their gross sales gather topped the 4.5-million-unit assign. They’ve introduced in better than $100 million in gross sales, and continue to mission one of the fundamental tip and iconic brands. They’re contented to tackle social factors and function their products in methods that please their procuring community. As a sustainable and eco-devoted company, they’re widespread with many members of the procuring community.

We talk plenty concerning the energy of consumerism, nonetheless no longer each company listens. Social media marketing and marketing and marketing and the energy of phrase-of-mouth marketing and marketing and marketing enable a company to deal straight with the tip client. Varied companies can be taught from that. On myth of they took the time to care about what their prospects conception of fundamental, what they believed in and their social concerns, Betancourt and his group turned it all into a company that managed to transfer from a $300 funding to $100 million in gross sales in only a couple of years.

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